Saturday, September 30, 2006

New York, New York!

So, I just got back from a mini-vacation in NYC, my first trip ever to the Big Apple! I know, I know, it's pretty lame, that Im as old as I am and have traveled abroad, but have never been to New York. I just never had the time or the money, or travel buddies with time and money. I think NYC is awesome; so many interesting people, so much to see and do. I was only in the city for 3 days and there was so much I didn't have time to do! First I flew to Jersey with a friend of mine who's from there. We stayed with her family and did some major shopping for the first couple of days. Off Saks, Loehmans, Century21, Woodbury Commons Outlets...we did it all. I scored some cute blue suede shoes at a great price. I love a deal!

Friday we headed into the city to meet a friend of mine from med school and to see The Color Purple on Broadway. I absolutely loved this show! If you have not seen it, run right now to NYC. It alone is worth a trip to the city. I laughed, cried, clapped and sang along with the cast. Does it get any better than that?

The Color Purple

We spent Saturday shopping in the world's largest Macy's, and sightseeing before heading down to Chinatown on a search for imitation designer bags. Apparantly NYPD has been cracking down on street vendors selling fake Louis Vuittons and Prada bags because no one wanted to show us the "goods" out in public. We ended up being approached by some lady on the street who had a man escort us to a locked room in the basement of some shop where a girl sold us some pretty good knockoffs. I felt like were buying drugs or involved in some money laundering ring (not that I've ever bought drugs or laundered money). It was CRAZY! Sometimes its tough being a diva on a budget.

I didn't get to visit any of the great yarn shops in NYC. I went with non-knitting friends and was easily out voted. I also didn't get a lot of knitting done on this trip even though I brough 2 WIPs with me. I had a great time though and can't wait to go back!
Me in NYC


Sunday, September 17, 2006


Welcome to A Little Lagniappe!

Hey y'all! This is the very first post on my first ever blog. Exciting! I'm still figuring all of this out so bear with me!

So, a little about me: I'm a 30 year old physician from Georgia in my 3rd year of residency training. I moved to New Orleans a little over 2 years ago for my residency in combined internal medicine and pediatrics. I've been knitting for about 2-3 years. I taught myself to knit during my last year of med school; knit off and on throughout my busy intern year, and then threw myself into again while evacuated for Katrina.

This blog will all about my adventures in knitting, medicine, post-Katrina New Orleans and whatever else I come up with. Stay tuned for more!