Monday, March 31, 2008

Leaving on a jet plane

Long time, no blog! The past couple of months I've been busy with work and preparing for my upcoming vacation. I'm leaving this week for an amazing trip in Cape Town, South Africa. I'm traveling with 2 friends and we'll be there for a little over a week. My friends will go on to Kruger Park for a safari and I'll head back to the states. I basically had to choose between a safari and taking my board certification exam in August, which may give you an idea as to how expensive the exam is!

I'm so excited and a little nervous about this trip. This will be the first transatlantic flight I've taken by myself. My friends and I are traveling separately and arriving at different times. I arrive first and spend my first night in Cape Town all alone. I'll get a small taste of solo travel. I'm doing my best to prepare for long flights without a travel companion. I've downloded a couple of audiobooks and some new music onto my ipod and picked some good reads to take with me. I'm just trying to decide on the perfect knitting project to pack. Socks just seems like the most portable project so I'll definitely be taking my Jaywalkers with me. A good stockinette project like a shawl seems appropriate. I'll gotta dig through my stash to find the right project to cast on before I take off.

I'm looking forward to great photos and stories to share when I get back. Ciao!



Blogger Lolly said...

this sounds like a wonderfully amazing trip! i know it will be great fun for you! we met a very sweet South African family last year and they told us so much about their home - it sounds so beautiful. Can't wait to hear more about it!

Safe travels and best wishes~

10:02 AM  
Blogger Original SINsuality said...

OMG i'm so jealous! I'm sure that everything is going to be great. remember to back for the climate. that way my biggest mistakes in traveling. and, HAVE FUN! :)~

1:44 PM  

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