Sunday, November 30, 2008

No rest for the wicked

Wow, it's been nearly 6 months since I've updated my blog. Life has been really busy...moving, starting a new job, traveling. I put down my knitting for a while, but thankfully I've rediscovered my knitting mojo. My main obsession right now is Wicked. I wanted to knit a cute, flattering, quick sweater. I spent hours on ravelry searching for the perfect pattern, then the perfect yarn, then the perfect colorway. I decided the short sleeved, worsted weight version of Wicked in Dream in Color Classy.

Dream in Color Classy

The colorway is Visual Purple. It's so delicious.

I was knitting along smoothly making great progress. I had great plans to work on it diligently during the 3 hour driving trip to my aunt's house for Thanksgiving. I thought I'd probably be all done with it by the end of the weekend. As I was separating the sleeves from the body I realized that I had forgotten to place a stitch marker and only had 1 sleeve. Yeah, that's right, I was knitting a sweater with 1 sleeve. The boyfriend cracked up over that one. So, I frogged, re-knit from the collar and now am on to the body of the sweater. The rainy, gloomy weather we're having this weekend has been the perfect excuse for knitting and movie watching. I'll have a finished sweater in no time!