Monday, February 12, 2007

Feeling Blue

This month, I'm the resident on the wards at one of the hospitals and have been pretty busy. My on-call nights have been kind of draining me. By luck of the draw, I’ve been getting all of the altered mental status patients; no fun at all. On top of that, my call schedule has me missing out on my favorite parades of the Carnival season. I already missed Krewe de Vieux and Barkus; this week I’ll miss Muses, a fun night parade with cool throws. And to make it even worse, I’m post-call on Mardi Gras! This is actually the first year that I’ve had to work on Fat Tuesday, so I guess I can’t really complain. When I first moved here it amazed me that Mardi Gras is a full on holiday. Holiday as in a day with no school, no work (for some), and no postal service!

I’ve also been interviewing for a fellowship position this month. I like having the opportunity to visit different programs, but interviewing with 7-8 different people in one day can be tough! Talking about my background, research, and career plans gets old after about the second or third time in one day. On a recent interview I was asked: If you could be any cell in the immune system, which type cell would you be? I chose to be a T-cell, which my interviewer admired. Per my friends (medical and non-medical), the fact that I even had an answer to this question makes me a big nerd. I’ve never been called a nerd (at least not to my face), but if it gets me a fellowship spot, hey I’m a nerd.

As for knitting, I've put down that second sock I was working on. I just can't look at it any more. I swear, the next pair of socks I knit will be done two at a time. Right now, I'm participating in Project Spectrum II. February and March are dedicated to blue, white and grey. These aren't colors I normally reach for, but one of the reasons I joined PS was to explore more colors with my knitting. I've really been inspired by the colors this month and raided my stash for some options. I'm really feeling all the various shades of blue...

My current project is Clutched, the cute handbag in YarnPlay. I'm using the recommended yarn Peace Fleece in the Siberian Midnight colorway, a pretty mix of midnight blue, blue, grey, and white flecks.

Love the color, love the texture! My photo doesn't really do it justice. It's coming along pretty quickly and I'm searching for some buttons to add to it.

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